Donate – how and why?

Which catholic charities should I give to?

Mary's Meals, Columban Missionaries, Knights of St Columba, General Donation

Mary's Meals

When you donate at, a minimum of 10% (and sometimes 100%) of your donation will go to one of our supported charities, like Mary's Meals. Mary's Meals seeks to feed children all around the world and is a highly successful global food outreach programme.


 Through our business partner, Statisi Ltd, more than £1300 ($1500) have been donated to Mary's Meals since 2018.

The Columban Missionaries

Why we support the Columban Missionaries, and How

In addition to subscribing to the Columban Missionaries magazine, we choose select projects to donate to among the Columban Missionaries programme.

In 2019, we have donated £120 to the Columban Missionaries programme in Myanmar, seeking to combat drug addiction and alcoholism through 12 step programmes.

The Knights of St Columba

Fraternity, Charity, Unity

Our webmaster and administrator, Dr Sam Beatson, is a membership knight of the Knights of St Columba, Council 521, Sheffield. The Knights offer support to the clergy and charity events to raise money for various good causes, including local parishes and catholic charities and partners.

How Much Should I Donate?

There is no minimum and you choose the cause

When you decide to donate to, you can choose to donate any amount, whether $0.01 or $1,000,000. We guarantee that at least 10% of your donation will be given to one of the charities above, and usually much more. We keep back some of the donations we receive in order to maintain and grow the site and pay employees and outsourced staff who help build and promote the site. We operate a U.K. living wage policy, even if our workers are outside of the United Kingdom.

You can choose to become an official sponsor and have your own organisation listed on our prestigious sponsors page. Official sponsors receive a certificate of sponsorship and a Rosary and collectable poster.

Official partners are sent a certificate of partnership and a family rosary collection for 2 adults, 4 children and 8 grandchildren, in addition to set of three collectable posters.

You can also make a general donation, or a donation specifically which will have a portion of at least 10% attributed to one of the charities listed above, of your choice.

 Donate today and help us to spread the amazing message and teaching of the Miracle Rosary!

 We thank you for your support and kindness.

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